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Freedom From Our Toxic Political Media Environment

Can you recognize that you’re in a poisonous political media environment?

Can you believe that’s by design?

“To make money, we’ve had to train audiences to consume news in a certain way. We need you anxious, pre-pissed, addicted to conflict. Moreover we need you to bring a series of assumptions every time you open a paper or turn on your phone, TV, or car radio.”

― Matt Taibbi, Hate Inc.: Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another

Content producers and media companies are financially incentivized to provoke fear and outrage in us about the “other side” because it drives clicks, ratings, page and video views.

To put this in perspective, would you allow yourself to eat only junk food? Not if you care about your body! But you are up against a food industry that spends billions of dollars to engineer snacks with just the right amounts of salt, sugars, and fats to make you crave more, no matter what it does to your physical health.

Appalling, right? Well, what about the material you feed your mind? Political news, social media, and videos are mental “junk food” consciously created using outrageous stories to addict you to their content, no matter what it does to your mental health.

Junk food is not real nutrition, and high-conflict political content is not a real reflection of our society.

Constantly focusing on negative political news does not help you. In fact, the more time spent ruminating on negative feelings without any resolution, the more mental health declines. Interrupting this downward spiral requires conscious effort.

If your inner peace depends on the outcome of an election, you’ll never find it.

The only change you can control is your own. Otherwise, you’ll be driven by external forces for the rest of your life and you'll believe that's just the way life is.

In order to detox from politics, you must first understand the hidden conditioning that is making you feel the way you do. Only then will you have the power to break free of negativity, anxiety and stress. Through my Political Detox Coaching I can help you liberate yourself of these unconscious patterns.

Find your inner peace no matter who is elected.

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