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Meet Chuck Gafvert

I'm a Jungian Coach helping anyone who is suffering from the polarizing US political environment, and its leaders and parties. My non-partisan Political Detox coaching package is designed to help relieve that stress and anxiety. 

My coaching method blends elements from Carl Jung's theories of psychology, current neuroscience research, and 4000 year old eastern wisdom traditions. 


I invite you to learn more about how I can support you in finding emotional balance in today's political climate and inner peace no matter who is elected.


My Journey

After a 22 year career in corporate America where 
I played many different roles in technology and had responsibility to manage teams of up to 200 people, it just didn't serve me anymore. I took some time to evaluate what I wanted to do and was certified for Executive Coaching in 2017.

My original intent was full-time business coaching but I didn't find it rewarding. Instead I gravitated towards working with people one-on-one to help with job and relationship transitions.

When I found the Jungian Coaching program from CreativeMind, I knew it was the framework to help people that I had always wanted to use. 

The best aspect of my current work is seeing how my highest personal values of peace, unity and connection are reflected in my coaching work.

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